Serotine Editing and Manuscript Services

Serotine Editing offers a wide range of services including copy editing, proofreading, or working with authors generally to prepare their work for publication. We are particularly proud of our comprehensive range of services for “Indie Authors” which we can tailor to suit your particular needs. Our exclusive discount is designed to ease the path for these authors as they struggle to build a profile or a portfolio in a competitive world.

Business Number:
Australia: ABN 75 340 478 607

Many service providers in the field of editing, manuscript assessments and other similar services, such as those we offer, give you no upfront indication of likely cost. They ask you to contact them and start a discussion. This makes it difficult for writers to sort the chaff from the weeds, so to speak, without spending a fair bit of energy in opening discussions with several providers.

Serotine Editing prides itself on being as upfront as we can about our likely fees. While we will always be happy to discuss your particular needs and how they may warrant a charge that is different from our indicative cost, we want you to be able to gauge whether we are at least in the ballpark before you invest energy in contacting us.

The only services where an indicative fee is not available are Ghostwriting and Memoirs and Family Histories. The nature of these two services means that we cannot assess their likely cost without first getting some details from you on the kind of project you have in mind.

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