Self-Publishing: A Step-by-Step Guide now available

Mark McCabe’s latest non-fiction book, Self-Publishing: A Step-by-Step Guide, has been published and is now available on Amazon in both paperback and eBook formats. It will be available through other online retailers shortly.

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Self-Publishing: A Step-by-Step Guide — to be published September 2019

Mark McCabe’s first non-fiction publication — Self-Publishing: A Step-by-Step Guide is scheduled for release later this year (September 2019).

Mark’s new book has been written primarily for indie authors, though anyone trying to navigate their way through the maze that self-publishing can sometimes be will find it useful.

The Guide covers the whole range of issues confronting authors hoping to self-publish — finalising a manuscript, editing, formatting, ISBNs, the importance of cover, keywords, book descriptions, blurbs, and other eseential inputs, what combination of print/publishing services to use, marketing, promotion, how to set up your Amazon book and author pages, getting your book into libraries, and so on. While the step-by-step section focus on the Amazon KDP process in particular, as Mark points out, the processes used by most of Amazon’s competitors follow a similar path.

This will soon be the essential guide that every indie author will want on their shelf.