Our Fees

The following discounts are available from all of our fees except Thesis/Dissertation editing and Undergraduate Essay Editing which already have an allowance for a student discount included in the calculation of the fee.

NOTE: You may only claim one discount category.

Category 1|Unpublished “Indie Author”|20%
Category 2|“Indie Author” who has published one or more books|15%
Category 3|Students, Pensioners, NZ or Australian Society of Authors members|10%

The following links outline Serotine Editing’s fees for the various services we offer. You should also note our Terms and Conditions.

Fees for Memoirs and Family Histories

While here at Serotine Editing we pride ourselves on being as up front as we can on fees, this is not a simple matter when it comes to Memoirs and Family History publications. The variable nature of the work precludes easy identification of a standard cost. Once we understand the nature and size of the work involved in your project, however, we will be able to provide you with an obligation-free quote.

Fees for Thesis / Dissertation Editing

Our standard editing charge for a Thesis or Dissertation is based on word count. As a general rule, we charge 3.5c per word. A 20,000 word dissertation would therefore attract a fee of $700.00.

A full or substantive edit which, would involve an analysis of the structure of the work, as well as a recommendation for a revised structure, would see a price increase to 5c per word.

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