Fees for Memoirs and Family Histories

While here at Serotine Editing we pride ourselves on being as up front as we can on fees, this is not a simple matter when it comes to Memoirs and Family History publications. The variable nature of the work precludes easy identification of a standard cost. Once we understand the nature and size of the work involved in your project, however, we will be able to provide you with an obligation-free quote.

Information that will assist us in quoting for such work includes:

  • the type of publication [e.g. a memoir, a record of family history information and connections, the story of your family, some combination of the above,etc.]
  • whether the intended final product will include photos, tables of information, etc.
  • do any of the photos need retouching
  • the estimated size of the intended publication
  • your intended audience and the likely form[s] of publishing you require
  • how much involvement we will need from you
  • what material you will be able to provide to us and how much material is there
  • how much further research we will need to do.

For this kind of work we ask that you contact us so that we can open a dialogue with you about your expectations and the nature of the material you would like to include. This will enable us to firm up a quote for the work involved.


The following discounts are available from all of our fees except Thesis/Dissertation Editing and Undergraduate Essay Editing which already have an allowance for a student discount included in the calculation of the fee.

NOTE: You may only claim one discount category.

Category 1|Unpublished “Indie Author”|20%
Category 2|“Indie Author” who has published one or more books|15%
Category 3|Students, Pensioners, NZ or Australian Society of Authors members|10%

Ask for a Quote

We like to tailor our services to the specific needs of our customers. If you feel that what you are looking for is something slightly different to what we have outlined above, we will always consider negotiating a variation to the above rates based on an individual’s specific circumstances.

Terms and Conditions

Please note our Terms and Conditions which apply to all of our services

Contact us so we can start a conversation about your requirements.

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