Fees for Thesis / Dissertation Editing

Our standard editing charge for a Thesis or Dissertation is based on word count. As a general rule, we charge 3.5c per word. A 20,000 word dissertation would therefore attract a fee of $700.00.

A full or substantive edit which, would involve an analysis of the structure of the work, as well as a recommendation for a revised structure, would see a price increase to 5c per word.

What you will get

  • Grammar and spelling checked and corrected as appropriate
  • Presentation, style, numbering schemes and layout checked for consistency
  • All of your preliminary pages (Title Page, Table of Contents [easily able to be updated automatically], List of Tables, List ion Figures, List of Abbreviations) created and appropriately formatted
  • Tables, lists and figures formatted and edited for and consistency.
  • Appendices formatted and edited for consistency
  • In-text references cross-checked to your reference list
  • Your thesis formatted and ready for printing and submission in accordance with your university’s requirements.


A student discount of 10% has already been included in the calculation of our Thesis / Dissertation Editing fee.

Ask for a Quote

We like to tailor our services to the specific needs of our customers. If you feel that what you are looking for is something slightly different to what we have outlined above, we will always consider negotiating a variation to the above rates based on an individual’s specific circumstances.

Terms and Conditions

Please note our Terms and Conditions which apply to all of our services

Contact us so we can start a conversation about your requirements.

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