Fees for Undergraduate Essay Editing

Our fee for Undergraduate Essay Writing its based on the word count of the essay involved. The charge for a 3,000 word essay is $110. A 5,000 word essay attracts a fee of $170. Should you require a response in less than 3 working days, our Express Fee applies.

The following table sets out our fees for editing undergraduate essays.

up to 500 words|$30|$45
1,000 words|$40|$60
1,500 words|$60|$75
2,000 words|$80|$100
3,000 words|$110|$140
4,000 words|$140|$180
5,000 words|$170|$220
6,000 words|$200|$260
7,000 words|$220|$290
8,000 words|$240|$320
9,000 words|$260|$350
10,000 words|$280|$400


A student discount of 10% has been included in the calculation of our Undergraduate Essay Editing fees.

Ask for a Quote

We like to tailor our services to the specific needs of our customers. If you feel that what you are looking for is something slightly different to what we have outlined above, we will always consider negotiating a variation to the above rates based on an individual’s specific circumstances.

Contact us so we can start a conversation about your requirements.

Terms and Conditions

Please note our Terms and Conditions which apply to all of our services

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