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Manuscript Assessment

A Manuscript Assessment considers the structure, content and style of your manuscript. It is sometimes known as a ‘structural’ or ‘substantive’ edit. It may include matters such as plot, character, point of view, pace, writing style, narrative, dialogue, presentation, length, use of research, readership, and even marketing or publishing possibilities.

Copy Editing

To edit something means to revise it. The only purpose of revising something is to make it better.

Copy editing is the process of checking written material for grammar, spelling, style, and punctuation issues. A copy editor may also do a rewrite to fix problems with transitions, wordiness, jargon, and to ensure the style of the piece fits with the publication. [Source: grammarly.com]


In publishing, as a final step before actual printing takes place, after it has been edited, laid out, and designed, the proofreader searches for typographical and layout errors. The proofreader works with a facsimile of a finished product, or a proof (hence the term proofreading).

eBook Creation or Conversion

Before your completed manuscript can be published as an ebook, it will need to be formatted to meet the specific requirements of ebook publishers. Different publishers tend to require that the manuscript be formatted in different ways and different formats. The format used by Kindle [Amazon KDP], for example, is different to that required by Apple’s iBook service.


A Ghostwriter is an accomplished writer who composes articles, books or other manuscripts which are then attributed to someone else. This often occurs when a person has a specific creative concept or idea, but lacks the skills to turn it into a written document.

Thesis / Dissertation Editing

If you’re working on a thesis or a dissertation, it’s essential that you present a quality product. The ciompleted work should have an orderly and balanced structure, clarity of expression, be free of grammatical and spelling errors and should displays accuracy and completeness in terms of internal cross-references and layout. Many tertiary institutions encourage students to seek appropriate advice to achieve all of those things and more.

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