eBook Creation or Conversion

Before your completed manuscript can be published as an ebook, it will need to be formatted to meet the specific requirements of ebook publishers. Different publishers tend to require that the manuscript be formatted in different ways and different formats. The format used by Kindle [Amazon KDP], for example, is different to that required by Apple’s iBook service.

We can format your manuscript to suit the format requirements of your publisher of choice. We can also provide it to you in multiple formats in case you decide to publish your ebook in more than one place or through more than one service provider.

Our flat fee is $150.

We can also help you with some advice on the best way (or ways) to publish your ebook to achieve the widest distribution possible. It is not uncommon for authors to publish with several ebook distributors to achieve this. Some distributors, however, are more effective than others.

If have a publication that was published many years ago, before the recent developments in digital publishing occurred, we may be able to help you convert a hard copy into electronic format. This would allow you to consider publishing your work an an ebook. Contact us to get a price for this particular service.


Click here for information about our Fees for eBook Creation or Conversion.

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