A Ghostwriter is an accomplished writer who composes articles, books or other manuscripts which are then attributed to someone else. This often occurs when a person has a specific creative concept or idea, but lacks the skills to turn it into a written document.

Corporate documents, as well as memoirs and personal histories, are sometimes written by ghostwriters.

Many service providers in the field of editing, manuscript assessments and other similar services, such as those we offer, give you no upfront indication of likely cost. They ask you to contact them and start a discussion. This makes it difficult for writers to sort the chaff from the weeds, so to speak, without spending a fair bit of energy in opening discussions with several providers.

While here at Serotine Editing we pride ourselves on being as upfront as we can on fees, there is a problem with costing ghostwriting. The nature of the work precludes easy identification of a standard cost.

Information that will assist us in quoting for such work includes:

  • the type of publication [e.g. a memoir, other non-fiction such as a travel or locale feature, etc.]
  • the estimated size of the intended publication
  • your intended audience and the likely form[s] of publishing you require
  • how much involvement we will need from you
  • what content you will be able to provide to us and how much material is there
  • how much further research we will need to do.


Click here for information about our fees for Ghostwriting.

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