Memoirs and Family Histories

Family history and memoirs of one’s life or significant life events are precious records that are often lost when key family members pass on. With changes in technology over recent years, the ability to publish this sort of information is now in easy reach, and at a relatively low cost.

A publication of this nature not only ensures that the records will be accessible to future generations; it also means they can be easily shared amongst the broader family and friends in the here and now. We can help you achieve these goals.

Our editor, Mark McCabe, sometimes refers to himself as a ‘family history tragic’. Over the years, he has spent hundreds of hours in libraries, record offices, going through old newspapers, scanning the internet, sending off emails, interviewing family members.

He recently decided to undertake a project to publish all of the information he has collected. He has it all in a Family History database, of course, but who will know how to operate that once he passes on? And who will update it every time the software gets a significant update, or if the program is replaced altogether? The only solution, as he sees it, is to publish it as a book and make it freely available for anyone to purchase. He knows that this is not as expensive an undertaking as you might think.

Information that will assist us in quoting for such work includes:

  • the type of publication [e.g. a memoir, a record of family history information and connections, the story of your family, some combination of the above,etc.]
  • whether the intended final product will include photos, tables of information, etc.
  • do any of the images need retouching
  • the estimated size of the expected publication
  • your intended audience and the likely form[s] of publishing you require
  • how much involvement we will need from you
  • what material you will be able to provide to us and how much content is there
  • how much further research we will need to do.

For this kind of work, we ask that you contact us so that we can open a dialogue with you about your expectations and the nature of the material you would like to include. This will enable us to firm up a quote for the work involved.

In short, he understands the nature and intricacies of this kind of work.


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Photo by Cheryl Winn-Boujnida on Unsplash

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