Thesis / Dissertation Editing

If you’re working on a thesis or a dissertation, it’s essential that you present a quality product. The ciompleted work should have an orderly and balanced structure, clarity of expression, be free of grammatical and spelling errors and should displays accuracy and completeness in terms of internal cross-references and layout. Many tertiary institutions encourage students to seek appropriate advice to achieve all of those things and more.

We can help you achieve that at a reasonable cost.

Some universities have guidelines for editors working on students’ theses or dissertations. Serotine Editing will investigate whether your tertiary institution has specific requirements and will abide by those in reviewing your work.

As a general rule, issues we could assess for you include [but are not limited to]:

  • the presentation of content and development of your argument or proposition
  • chapter and section structure and headings
  • order and balance of the content
  • referencing style and quality
  • clarity of expression
  • voice and tone
  • grammar and usage
  • spelling and punctuation
  • graphs and charts
  • form and content of preliminary and end matter
  • accuracy and completeness of internal cross-references
  • consistency of presentation, style, in the use of fonts, text sizes, numbering schemes, etc.

What you will get

  • Grammar and spelling checked and corrected as appropriate
  • Presentation, style, numbering schemes and layout checked for consistency
  • All of your preliminary pages (Title Page, Table of Contents [easily able to be updated automatically], List of Tables, List ion Figures, List of Abbreviations) created and appropriately formatted
  • Tables, lists and figures formatted and edited for and consistency.
  • Appendices formatted and edited for consistency
  • In-text references cross-checked to your reference list
  • Your dissertation or thesis formatted and ready for printing and submission in accordance with your university’s requirements.


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